Friday, March 7, 2008

Universal Agent TEC Classes - What's Up?

OK - some things smell bad and other things just STINK. The way ITM 6.1 and Universal Agent generate TEC Classes is on the top of the STINK list.

The Class name of an event is directly related to the application name specified in the Name section of the metafile, this is OK - I can handle it. BUT - it is also related to the version number of the Application running under the data provider.

Here is an example, my "Name" is defined as Apache_Stats in my metafile, the TEC Class for an event on this application looks like:


So in this case the class not only includes the version of the agent, but ITM is prepended to the NAME as defined in the metafile and munged with APPL name.

Here is an example of a URL that is being monitored by the HTTP provider in the Universal Agent:


You see that the Data Provider name and the Attribute Group are munged together and followed by the Version number that shows in TEPS.

So - in short Universal Agent classes are dynamic, too bad TEC isn't. Make sure you check out my other article on resetting the versioning of the Universal Agent.

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