Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TEC events not synching with ITM.

TEC makes SOAP calls back to TEMS using the Situation Update Forwarder (SUF) for event status changes, so if status changes aren't making it back to ITM from TEC, SUF is having problems. Here are some steps to take to troubleshoot...

1. Check synch_trace.log (in tmp under itmsynch directory) for errors. Here you should find the cause of the problem. For example, if the TEC server can't resolve the TEMS, there will be an invalid IP address error message here.

2. If necessary, make modifications to SUF to resolve the problem. With the example problem above, we can remove and add TEMS hostnames to SUF with sitconfsvruser.sh.

Example: sitconfsvruser.sh delete serverid=
sitconfsvruser.sh add serverid= user= password=

3. Restart SUF with stopSUF and startSUF (.cmd on Windows TEC, .sh on Unix/Linux TEC).

4. Do a tail -f on the synch_trace.log file while changing the status on another TEC event that originated from ITM, and verify the problem is resolved.

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