Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TEC BAROC Generator for Universal Agents

I was skeptical when I first downloaded this utility form the OPAL web site. This is a utility that will take you Universal Agent attribute files and create BAROC files for use in TEC.

The download link for the utility is -

Here is a sample usage scenario:

Creating BAROC for a Universal Agent

Locate the ODI file that was created on your TEP server after the agent has successfully connected and displayed data. This file is in:


Within this directory, each Universal Agent has an ODI file. The filename is formatted in the following way:


XXX is the first 3 letters from your UA's metafile in the //APPL section. NN is the version number

Example usage:

Create a BAROC for XXX Universal Agent. The ODI file is named XXXODI03.

From a command prompt:


cd x:\ibm\tmaitm6\metafiles\opal ua\barocgen

java -jar jbarocgen.jar x:\ibm\cnps\spaodi03

This process generates the following files:

xxx.baroc and

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