Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tacmd problems?

When it is working, tacmd is the swiss-army knife in your armour. But, when it is not working, it could be your version of Damocles' sword. Kidding aside, this article explains how to troubleshoot common tacmd problems.

Turn On shell tracing

In *NUX, tacmd is a shell script that calls the native tacmd executable after setting necessary environment. A simple way to debug this shell script is to turn on the korn shell tracing while running tacmd like below.

ksh -xv `which tacmd` -s server -u user -p pass

For example, if there is a permission issue to the /registry directory, you will get the "Product 'ui' is not installed on this system" and the above tracing will help to uncover this issue.

Turn on ITM 6.1 tacmd tracing

You can turn on tacmd tracing depending on the platform type.

Unix/Linux Platforms

On Unix, you need to to change the following lines in the tacmd shell script. (Always exercise caution!).


The log file kuiras1.log is located in /logs directory containing detailed trace information.

Windows platforms

On Windows platforms, edit the KUIENV in \bin directory and replace the KBB_RAS1 value to the following.


Now the log file is located in kuiras1.log in \bin containing detailed trace information.

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