Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Router not showing correct status in Netview

Netview will monitor various aspects of your network, including router status. Sometimes it may appear that Netview is displaying a router up (green) that you consider to be "down". Read on for some things you can check to see why this is happening..

1. Check the router submap and make sure the interface you are trying to ping has been discovered. If it hasn't is won't appear in the submap and that's why the router status still shows green.

2. Make sure you are not pinging an interface that exists on a different network submap. Routers often have a presence on multiple network submaps.

3. Where are you pinging from? The network may allow ICMP from the Netview Server, but not from where you are issuing your ping test.

4. Check your propogation scheme in Netview - this can be customized so that a percentage of interfaces must be down before the router status changes.

5. Try a demand poll on the router and see if the status changes. If so, check your polling intervals.

6. Try deleting the router, allow it to be rediscovered, and run ovtopofix -a.

Another good reference is the Netview Unix Diagnostics Guide, from where some of these tips where taken. Also feel free to add tips of your own by replying to this article. Good luck.

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