Friday, March 7, 2008

Removing "stale" or OFFLINE objects from ITM 6.1

When an agent is OFFLINE or no longer valid in your ITM 6.1 environment, you can easily remove it from the views by following these steps.

1.) Left click on the "Enterprise" view in your Navigator.

2.) Right click on "Enterprise", click on "Workspaces" and find the "Managed System Status" Workspace.

3.) In the views that appear in your Workspace, there is one on the right side that show OFFLINE and ONLINE agents. Find the "OFFLINE" agent that you want to remove and right click on it. Select the option "Clear Offline Entry" and confirm the decision when prompted. The stale item is no longer presented, an update will be forced on any affected users viewing data at the time. Do NOT click on Remove, this will remove the entire view.

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