Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pure and Sample - it's that simple

There are two types of events in this world, Pure and Sampled. Just like there are 10 types of people in this world, ones that understand binary and ones that don't.

Why do you care? Because in ITM 6.1, the events are handled differently and may require different operator actions.

So what is a Pure event? Think of this way - an appliance on your network writes an entry to a logfile that something happened, like an HP printer with a toner low message. This is pure, there will be no clearing event - it just happened and as such you must manually close these events in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal and the Tivoli Enterprise Console.

A Sampled event is just that, a metric was sampled from a server - like Free Memory. That metric was compared against a threshold that you defined in a situation. When the sampled data exceeds the threshold, an action and/or alert is generated - when the sampled data falls below the threshold, a clearing event is generated.

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