Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Multiple Warehouse proxies FAQ

Multiple WPA support was introduced in FP02 and it is great way to eliminate single point of failure in your historical data collection process. Though ITM fixpack documentation (p.95 of FP3 readme) contains enough information about how to configure it, this article tries to make few things clear.

1) How do I install Warehouse Proxy on AIX/Linux?

You can't install from your Original GA media. You need to download the installable image that has GA and FP02/03 bundled with it, for example the part number/file name for GA + FP03 image for AIX is C945LIE.tar. You need to run from the extracted image.

2) Should the value of TEMS hostname be Remote TEMS or Hub TEMS?

It should be your HUB TEMS even if you install WPA on the remote TEMS.

3) Can I put the RTEMS hostname in KHD_WAREHOUSE_TEMS_LIST?

NO. You should enter the TEMS name (something like REMOTE_) in the KHD_WAREHOUSE_TEMS_LIST. If you have more than one RTEMS per ware house proxy, separate the RTEMS names by blank space.

4) What should be the value for the KPX_WAREHOUSE_REGCHK in ms.ini?

Well, this is the frequency at which the RTEMSs check with the HTEMS for change in WPA assignment. Unless, your WPA assignment changes dynamically every now and then, set this to a high value (e.g. 1440 minutes meaning 1 day). The default value of 60 minutes is unnecessary for most environments.

5) What are the default port numbers for JDBC connection?

Windows DB2 Server - 50000
Unix/Linux DB2 Server- 50001
SQL Server - 1433
Oracle - 1521

Hope you find it useful.

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