Thursday, March 6, 2008

More More ITM 6,1 FAQ

More ITM 6.1 FAQ's

Q: I know that I can integrated (co-existing) custom resource model ITM 5.1.2 into ITM 6.1. but if we decide to remove ITM 5.1.2, What will happen with my custom ITM resource model 5.1.2 ?

A: They will not run under ITM 6.1. Supposedly ITM 6.2 will support the migration of ITM 5.x RMs to ITM 6.x.

Q: Does it mean that I need to re-write all my ITM custom resource model with the new universal agent ?

A: In ITM 6.1 yes in ITM 6.2 No.

Q: Does the universal agent interact with WMI ? It is complicated ?

A: Not out of the box. However, you can create a VBS, Jscript, or Perl program to interact. Setting up the Meta files will be a little bit of work to do this.

Q: Does it mean the functionality of "HOLE" and "OCCURRENCE" disappear in ITM 6.1 ? (we need OCCUR. and HOLE)

A: The concept of Holes no longer exists. You can create situations that wait until a particular event occurs. However, the ability to define holes does not exist in ITM 6.1.

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