Saturday, March 8, 2008

More ITM 6.1 SOAP Examples

When ITM 6.1 was first introduced Frank Tate wrote a cool sample HTML/JavaScript/XSL example of retrieving data from ITM 6.1 using the SOAP interface. Recently I needed an example to get a list of all the situations that were AutoStart=YES in a specific ITM6.1 environment (i.e., on a TEMS).

For those of you that have been following my TACMD blog entries you have seen that that you can create a script that loops through all the situations using a tacmd listsit then create an inner loop doing a viewsit on each situation. The problem with that is that I get all of the information back from the tacmd viiewsit and all I want is the Sitname and the Autostart flag. I did some playing with the SOAP interface and found a way to get that information. I used Frank's hello.html and updated his hello.xsl style sheet to reflect the attributes from the situation table. I also got a little carried away and added a few more examples. You can download the examples here:

  • More ITM 61 SOAP Examples
  • Here is a screen shot example...

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