Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monitoring the TDW 2.1 - Make sure the data is flowing

Monitoring the TDW 2.1 to make sure data is getting into it???????????????

This document shows a solution for monitoring record insertion to the Tivoli Data Warehouse 2.1. This process involves using a Universal Agent and situations from ITM 6.1.

The first to do is make sure you have collected to the warehouse at least once. Assuming you have, pick a table '?in our case we are picking the NT_Logical_Disk table. Additionally, in our environment, we roll data to the warehouse every hour '?so we will be monitoring to if the last record in the database is more than 1 hour old.

The first step is to install the Universal Agent on a Windows Server and create an ODBC connection to the Warehouse database. Hopefully you can handle that part, because I don't know where you put your warehouse database and can't help you.

The full text and images of this article are located here:

Monitoring the TDW

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