Friday, March 7, 2008

KFWITM023W - Incorrect or unknown attribute referenced in action

This message 'KFWITM023W - Incorrect or unknown attribute referenced in action text:ManagedSystem.Host_Address' often comes up when someone tries to add an action to the ITM 6.1 shipped MS_Offline situation using an attribute substitution. The solution for this is to create a new situation under the "Tivoli Enterprise Monitor" folder instead.

The MS_Offline situation is shipped as part of the "All Managed Systems" folder of the ITM 6.1 predefined situations. All of the folders defined in the "Situation Editor" have associated attribute groups. The list of predefined folders show up when you open the Situation Editor in the navigator panel based on what products you have installed. When you create a new situation from within a selected folder the "Monitored Application" will default to the product associated with the highlighted folder or situation. Each "Monitored Application" has a list of associated attribute groups. For example, the Windows OS folder will include all of the Windows OS attribute groups. For some reason, even though the "MS_Offline" uses the ManagedSystem attribute group in its formula, the ManagedSystem attribute group is not associated with the "All Managed Systems" folder. The ManagedSystem attribute group is associated with the "Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server" folder (as described above). I am not sure if this is a bug or it is by design. Either way, the simplest fix is to create a new situation to monitor offline managed systems under the "Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server" folder.

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