Monday, March 10, 2008

ITM 6.1 Universal Agent - Script Provider - Multiple Line Stdout

I have some queries regarding the use of the script data provider within the Universal Agent.

Let me paint a scenario.

The script I need to run (which was an old DM 3.7 custom monitor script) will under normal circumstances return a single line to stdout in the following format:


Occasionally however the script may return multiple lines - all of which require evaluation by situation(s).


On a single run I might discover 2 broken disks via one pass of the script - both of which I need to evaluate

First Line of stdout = Error25#11#2#Disk Corruption
Second line of stdout = Error67#99#4#Fried Disk

Heres my questions

By default how many output lines are read and therefore parsed, and stored by the agent ?
Is this dependant on the NAME statement within the metafile ? i.e. If I need to evaluate a number of lines would I code the method parameter as S (sampled) as opposed to maybe P (polled) ?
What options are available for processing a number of values of the same attribute when building a situation using the above type of data ?

I hope somebody can help. Unfortunately at present I am without a test bed so I'm finding the answers myself somewhat difficult.



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