Friday, March 7, 2008

ITM 6.1 Tuning Parameters

IBM has quietly documented many tuning parameters for ITM 6.1. Everything from Agent Deployment to TEP history. I've tried to collect the "cool" ones here...

Portal Tuning

KFW_REPORT_TERM_ BREAK_POINT = Specifies the point where a historical request selects from short-term or long-term history data.

HUB and Remote TEMS Tuning for Agent deployment

DEPLOYQUEUESIZE Specifies the maximum number of requests that the request queue on the agent deployment controller.

DEPLOYTHREADPOOLSIZE Specifies the number of threads that are available to the deployment controller.

DATACHUNKSIZE Specifies the size of the data chunk that will be passed to RPC for transfer.

Warehouse Proxy Tuning

KHD_CNX_WAIT_ENABLE - A time to wait before a retry. Default is Y. Changing this variable to N does not wait before retries. Setting this variable to N can generate a large log file if the tests to the database fail at each retry.

KHD_CNX_WAIT - The time in minutes to wait before trying to reconnect. Default is 10 minutes.

KHD_QUEUE_LENGTH - The length of the KHD work queue. This is an integer that identifies the maximum number of export work requests that can be placed on the work queue before the queue starts rejecting requests. The default value of KHD_QUEUE_LENGTH is 1000. Setting this value to 0 means the queue length has no limit.

KHD_EXPORT_THREADS - The number of worker threads exporting data to the database. The default value is 10.

KHD_CNX_POOL_SIZE - The total number of preinitialized ODBC connection objects available to the work queue export threads. The default value is 3.

CTIRA_NCSLISTEN - The number of RPC threads.

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