Saturday, March 8, 2008

ITM 6.1 Databases

There are three primary databases when we are referring to ITM 6.1. I have seen some discussions on some of the boards where people have been confused about the three different databases. This article is a short overview of the three databases.

TEMS Database

The TEMS database resides on the TEMS box. It is a proprietary database. The schema for this database is not documented. The files can be found on the TEMS under the /IBM/ITM/cms directory with he *.IDX and *.DB extensions. Situations and policies are stored in the TEMS database.

TEPS Database

The TEPS database is an RDBMS and can be either DB2 or MSSQL. This database should reside on the TEPS server. You can fake out the install and put it on a remote system but performance may suffer. Userid's, queries, navigator items, workspaces, and views are stored in the TEMS database.

Historical Database

The Historical Database is also know as the Tivoli Data Warehouse 2.1. This database can be Oracle, Db2, MSSQL, or Sybase. The Historical database contains detailed and summarized tables of monitored data that has been configured for historical collection. This database is managed by the Warehouse Proxy Agent (WPA) and the summarization and pruning is handled by the Summarization and Pruning Agent (SPA).

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