Saturday, March 8, 2008

The ITM 6.1 Certification test is a bear

Several of us took the ITM 6.1 certification test at the TTUC, and my best advice is to read the certification study guide.

After a couple of attempts, we managed to get several of us certified, but it took a LOT of studying, even though we've been working with the product quite a bit. The main areas that were problematic were areas that aren't/won't be used in the real world very often (based on our experience). Specifically, there were LOTs of questions on:

- DM3.7 upgrade and upgrade planning
- Integration with ITM 5.x, including required versions of ITM 5.x and Component Services, etc.
- Scalability, which is a moving target, since Tivoli is changing/increasing their numbers constantly.
- Supported platforms for the different components
- Integration with OMEGAMON XE, esp. on the mainframe

So before you take the test, make sure to read the cert. guide, available at

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