Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Installing the MOM connector on Framework 4.1.1

The freely-available (from Microsoft) MOM connector officially only supports Framework 3.7.1 and 4.1. This poses a problem if you have Framework 4.1.1 installed however. Luckily, I found a fairly simple workaround so that I could successfully install the product on Framework 4.1.1.

The problem:

The install checks the value of the "revision" attribute of the Installation object (youcan find the OID of this object with 'wlookup Installation') using:

idlcall $INSTALLATION_OID _get_revision

On a 4.1.1 system, this value comes back as "4.1.1". However, the install script is expecting "4.1" or "3.7.1". So to change this value, you can run:

idlattr -tsv $INSTALLATION_OID revision string '"4.1"'

(yes, that's double-quotes inside single-quotes around 4.1)

Then you can go through the install, and it should be successful. To set the value back, run the command:

idlattr -tsv $INSTALLATION_OID revision string '"4.1.1"'

And all is well.

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