Friday, March 7, 2008

How to reset Activity Planner User Password?

For activity planner component in software distribution to function, the operating system password for tivapm userid must match with the stored credentials in Tivoli. If the stored credential information and operating system password does not match, the following error will appear in $BINDIR/../apm/apmlog*.

AMN0121E Activity Planner initialization failed. Check whether the Activity Planner user hass been created correctly and/or the user and password maintained by Activity Planner are synchronized with the corresponding values of the operating system.

That means whenever you change the user password in the Operating system, you have to change the APM password with wsetapmpw command. However to run the wsetapmpw command, you need to know the previous password of the userid.

This article explains a way to reset the password even if you don't know the previous password.

# stop APM
$ wstopapm

# get the oid for activity planner component
$ apmOid=`wlookup -r distinguished ActivityPlanner`

# Reset the stored password to null.
$ idlattr -tvs $apmOid user_info string '""'
# Note: in the above command, the last parameter should be pair of double quotes enclosed by a pair of single quotes.

# now run wsetapmpw command, with old password as nothing (just press enter when prompted for old password).
$ wsetapmpw
Old password:
New Password:
Retype new password:

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