Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to bind TEMS to a single NIC in Unix/Linux

Binding TEMS to a particular NIC is highly recommended. Even if you have only one physical NIC, software such as "VMware" creates additional virtual NICs and thus causing TEMS to bind to a wrong NIC. Binding the TEMS to a particular NIC in Windows is very easy. Bring up "Manage TEMS", right click TEMS and click Advanced->Set Network Interface. But how do we bind the network interface to single NIC in Unix or Linux?

It is very simple in Linux/Unix too but the ITM term for binding to a single interface is little tricky. It is called "Optional Primary Network Name". Ring a bell?

Here is how to do it.

1) Bring up "Manage TEMS" by typing "itmcmd manage".
2) Right click your TEMS and select "Configure"
3) Click Advanced and enter the IP address of the NIC to bind in the "Optional Primary Network Name" field.


1) Use itmcmd config -t and enter the IP address of the NIC to bind when prompted for "Optional Primary Network Name".

Hope you find it useful.

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