Saturday, March 8, 2008

Help! My ITM 6 agent won't connect to my TEMS.

Building a quick-list of things to check if your ITM 6 agent isn't connecting and registering with your TEMS. Check back as this list will grow - also feel free to reply to this blog with tips/error messages you discover...

1. Reconfigure. By default, if you installed the agent code locally (not using tacmd), the agent hostname will prefill in the agent config as the TEMS name. You have to reconfigure the agent from MTEMS locally on the agent machine, and point it to your TEMS hostname/ip address.

2. Name resolution. Make sure you can resolve the hostname of the TEMS from the agent OS, either locally or through DNS, and also make sure TEMS can resolve the agent hostname as well.

3. Firewall. Make sure there aren't firewalls between the agent and TEMS preventing communication. Try pinging the TEMS hostname from the agent, and pinging the agent hostname from the TEMS. If you TEMS or agent are on windows, check to also make sure the Windows built-in Firewall is not active.

4. Multiple NICS. If your TEMS or agent has multiple NICS, you have to specify which interface for ITM to use in MTEMS->component->Advanced->Set Network Interface. Also make sure your agent or TEMS is resolving the bound ip address.

5. Check the agent logs under the tmaitm6 subdirectory for errors. A common result of no name resolution will be "Unable to find running CMS on CT_CMSLIST".

6. Try turning up debug level on agent logging through MTEMS->component->Advanced->Edit Trace Parms->KDC_DEBUG Setting to see more detailed debug information in your logs.

Stay tuned, more to come...

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