Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Having trouble running Netcool Omnibus in Linux?

If you are trying to run Netcool Omnibus in a Linux environment, you are likely to face the issues described in the article. Even though the solutions are easy, this article is written with the hope to save some of your time.
Unable to bring up Netcool GUI

If you have trouble bringing up the GUI tools such as the Netcool Conductor (nco), Event List (nco_event) or Server Editor (nco_xigen), it is probably because the OpenMotif libraries are not installed on the RHEL box. Download the OpenMotif RPM for RHEL from the following location, or use up2date/yum to search and install.

Unable to start Object Server due to locale issues.

One other problem in RHEL is related to locale settings. The LANG variable on my system was set to "en_US.UTF-8", where as the locales.dat file ($NCHOME/platform/linux2x86/locales/locales.dat) has an entry for "en_US.utf8", so when I started the ObjectServer, it died with an "entry not found" error. After editing the file and changing "en_US.utf8" line to match the value of LANG variable I was able to
start the ObjectServer.

Of course, make sure your license server is up and running and has enough licenses (nc_print_license) to avoid licensing related errors.

Hope you find this useful.

Posted by Venkat Saranathan

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