Monday, March 10, 2008

GulfBreeze Patch Management Solution '?Overview

GulfBreeze in partnership with Shavlik Technologies has developed GBSProtector, an easy to use, comprehensive patch management solution using IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager, Shavlik HFNetchk and ASP.Net technologies.

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Extensive patch information
It does help to know what you are doing. GBSProtector not just gives you the patch name, but gives you detailed information about the patch such as its severity, release date and bulletin information. You can search the patches by Operating System, severity, release date and pattern. Moreover, you can configure the application to show only the patches specific to your environment saving your valuable time.

Deep patch scanning
GBSProtector uses the Shavlik Hfnetchk technology for patch scanning. Hfnetchk conducts comprehensive consistency checks for each installed patch on the target system such as checking for corrupted DLLs, missing patch-related files and missing registry entries. The scan feature is fully integrated with ITCM Inventory component. Moreover, you can automatically schedule the patch scan on set of endpoints to automatically update the patch database.

Automatic silent patch installation
If you have many patches to deploy, you know how much time it would take to script a silent-install batch file. With GBSProtector, you don't have to script anything! It will generate necessary batch scripts to install the patch silently.

One-click download and build
It is more dangerous to deploy a wrong patch than not patching at all. Now there are so many different versions of a patch for each security fix. With GBSProtector, you don't have to figure out where to download the newly released patch from. Just select the patch from list of patches and click 'Download???????????????,?the patch will be downloaded from Internet.

Similarly select the patch and click 'Build Packages???????????????,?the patch will be wrapped into a Tivoli Software Package format and imported into all your source hosts.

Intelligent deployment
Why send the packages to the same endpoints over and over when they had already gotten the patch? GBSProtector checks the latest scan data from the endpoint to see if a particular patch is already installed on the endpoint and if so, it would send the package only to those endpoints that have not received the patch yet saving lot of network resources and minimizing potential problems.

Customizable reports
We understand the reporting requirement for every organization is different. In addition to the built-in reporting capabilities, GBSProtector provides a way develop your own custom reports using Crystal Reports. No coding is necessary.

GBSProtector provides role-based access to the application. You can delegate patch approval, application configuration, patch deployment, role delegation tasks to different members of your team. Integrated Windows authentication means that you can use your existing Active Directory grouping to map to different roles with in the application. Moreover, vital configuration files are stored in encrypted format.

and much more???????????????
You can download the presentation that gives more information about the application from here. GBSProtectorOverview.pdf

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