Monday, March 10, 2008

Functions of Hub and Remote TEMS

After reading all the relevant manuals for ITM 6.1, it was not clear to me which functions a HUB TEMS does and which functions a remote TEMS does. This snippet describes some of the functions of hub and remote TEMS.


1) User authentication.
2) Situations and policy definitions are stored on the hub.
3) Hub typically handles lot of data when compared with the remote TEMS.
4) Hub in addition to collecting data from remote TEMS, will also have to supply this data to TEPS.
5) Heartbeat information from remote TEMS.
6) SOAP requests from your application.
7) SOAP requests from TEC.
8) It is convenient to manage depots from the hub.

Remote TEMS

1) TEMA communication
2) TEMA heartbeat
3) If a situation event 'Take action'is configured to run on TEMS, it will run on the remote TEMS.
4) Historical data collection at TEMS level.

Hope you find this information useful.

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