Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fixing the syntax and logic errors in the TMTP GenWin examples

There are a few problems that cause the Tivoli-provided TMTP GenWin examples to fail. This article points out those problems and explains how to fix them.

The examples are extracted from the "" file that a user can download (or just FTP/scp/copy) from the Management Server. Here are the files, the errors I've found, and the solutions:

Filename: ExampleVP.rec

Problem: The Verification Point comparison is incorrect. Specifically, the line that currently reads:

Result = LabelVP (CompareText, "Text=89.", "VP=Alphanumeric;Type=CaseSensitive")

Is wrong. It should be similar to:

Result = EditBoxVP (CompareText, "Text=125. ", "VP=Alphanumeric;Wait=2,3;Type=CaseSensitive")

Notice that the function call should be EditBoxVP rather than LabelVP. LabelVP is used to check the label of an element, but we really want to check the text in an editbox.

Filename: ExampleMultiStepDebug.rec

All of the calls to SQALogMessage are incorrect because another string parameter is needed. For example, the lines that read:

SQALogMessage sqaNone, "Completed First Sub-transaction ARM Start call"

Should be:

SQALogMessage sqaNone, "Completed First Sub-transaction ARM Start call", "Completed First Sub-transaction ARM Start call"

Or something similar.

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