Saturday, March 8, 2008

Creating reports from the TEP

Did you know you can create reports from the TEP? You can create graphic reports and table reports from the TEP by using the print option and having a PDF writer installed as a printer.

From any workspace view you can right-click the image and select the print option (If it's a graph, make sure you click inside the graphic image.) If you have a PDF writer installed on your system then you can direct the output straight to a PDF file. You can install Acrobat Pro which will install 'Adobe PDF'as a printer or you can download a free PDF writer from

In my case I created some custom workspaces that I use for reporting. When I want to print a report I switch to one of my saved reporting workspaces and I select the view and right-click-->Print. I have a few examples of some reports I can generate on demand from my custom saved workspaces.

This example is not an automated solution. In order to create an automated solution you would have to use the SOAP interface. I will be covering this in a later topic.

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