Saturday, March 8, 2008

Could you have to monitor MACs one day?

The MAC vs. PC war is really heating up. In the latest battle between Steve and Bill, who will prevail? Will more ESM monitoring tools start including agent support for MAC?

Well who knows the answer to that, but the war is definitly getting interesting. For years and years the MAC G series has been the machine of choice for students majoring in graphics design and professional artists all over the world (I know because I have one of each in my family ;) ). But now, the market is quickly expanding to schools, everyday computer users, and maybe soon corporate users?Hmm, is that possible? Anything is possible.

Up until now, Apple's MAC campaign IMHO has been weak. But now given the huge success of iPod and the latest round of MAC vs. PC advertisements from Apple, it appears that Steve Jobs has an effective new advertising campaign.

I see more and more engineers and developers starting to turn toward MAC recently, especially with the capability of running XP on a MAC now. Is it just a fad, or will your company support MAC someday on a large scale? Maybe they already do depending on what your company does...

Not sure how these factors and others like pricing will shake out, but I think things are definitely getting interesting and is something to think about...

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