Thursday, March 6, 2008

BiDirectional TBSM/TEC Integration

Just a brief note about the "update" feature of TBSM 3.1. This feautre sends events back to TEC when an update happens.

To perform basic configuration of TBSM 3.1 to get update events back to TEC, start with the following:

1) On your TEC server, execute $BINDIR/TDS/Event Service/config/tbsmstatus/

2) On your TBSM server, you will need to execute tecstatusconfig.ksh. This has to be performed for each TEC server you have running Event Enablement that is forwarding events to TEC.

Once events start flowing back to TEC, you will need to write a TEC rule to correlate the Update events to the Originating event. The event classes sent from TBSM to TEC should be of the TBSM_setemsg_event and TBSM_setemsg_status_event.


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