Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Be a mobile GEEK

Everyone laughs at me. I have more gadgets and stuff than the average person, some say I have a problem and should seek help for dependence on Wireless technology.

But let's look at the cool things I do from my Blackberry and my new Palm Treo.

SSH - On the Blackberry I use a package called Ikodorro SSH to gain command prompt access to my development Tivoli lab.

On the Palm I use the VPN client to connect to my lab and use a product called "pssh" to get full command prompt access to my servers.

VNC - VNC viewer on the Palm is a great way to get graphical access to any of my servers. The stylus acts as a mouse and other than being small on the screen - it fully functional. I have used this VNC client against the RealVNC server. I can acutally the Tivoli Desktop GUI this way.

SMB Mate - This is a great tool that lets me access Windows and Unix/Linux SMB shares. This is great for pulling Tivoli logs back to the Palm for viewing.

Long live the mobile gadget geeks.

Posted by Jason Shamroski

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