Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Articles on TPM 5.1: Workstation Discovery Process

As an ongoing look into TPM, we are going to cover a variety of topics through multiple blogs. We hope that these blogs will give you some insight into what is coming up for TPM. Feel free to request coverage of any topic and we will try to do a write up to address any questions.

Tivoli Provisioning Manager is a new product available from Tivoli that is the replacement for Tivoli Configuration Manager. Much like ITM (Tivoli Monitoring 6.1), TPM no longer uses the Tivoli Framework. There is a product called TPM for Software, which will talk with Framework clients, but the release date is unknown at this time (anywhere between Q4 2006 and Q1 2007). The TPM for Software will be incorporated into TPM FP01 so that the full TPM will also be able to talk with Framework. This will allow for distributions/collections to be done from the TPM interface to both TPM and TVM clients.

For the first topic we will cover the Discovery process, as this is the starting place for any other actions you want to take on a workstation.

Since this is a demo that does require many images, the file has been saved as a PDF for easier viewing. Click here to access the PDF

The next blog entry will be on Installing the Tivoli Common Agent (TCA). Stay tuned!


These TPM blogs articles are created with the help of Venkat Saranathan. Together we will dive into the world of TPM and try to clear some of the confusion about the TPM family of products. Interested in learning TPM along with us? Stay tuned for our future blog articles on TPM. Are you planning to upgrade from ITCM to TPM anytime soon? Please feel free to talk back.

Martin Carnegie and Venkat Saranathan

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