Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Articles on TPM 5.1: Installing Tivoli Common Agent

This is a continuation of a look into TPM 5.1 covering the installation of the Tivoli Common Agent (TCA).

This first article in this series covers the discovery feature of TPM 5.1. To read this article, Click here

After a discovery is done, the install of the TCA can be the next step. Again, we have created a PDF file for your viewing pleasure. Click here to access the PDF

The next entry will be on performing an inventory scan and some of the results that are porduced.


These TPM blogs articles are created with the help of Venkat Saranathan. Together we will dive into the world of TPM and try to clear some of the confusion about the TPM family of products. Interested in learning TPM along with us? Stay tuned for our future blog articles on TPM. Are you planning to upgrade from ITCM to TPM anytime soon? Please feel free to talk back.

Martin Carnegie and Venkat Saranathan

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