Monday, January 18, 2010

GBSCMD V3.6.4 - Overview

GBSCMD is a free Gulf Breeze offering for performing ITM operations from command line. It is complimentary to tacmd tool and performs many operations that are not provided by tacmd. GBSCMD uses ITM Webservices feature extensively and some of the benefits of GBSCMD are listed below.

  • Feature support for backlevel ITM versions. Most of the features works from ITM 6.1 on wards.
  • Provides a way to execute remote commands on agents.
  • Provides a way to get agent data in CSV format.
  • Clear offline managed systems from Command line.
  • Provides a postemsg like feature to send events to situation event console.

If you would like to learn about GBSCMD tool, here are some links to the past articles about GBSCMD. You can google search "gbscmd".

We have been tweaking the tool from time to time to introduce new features and address bug fixes and this blog discuss some of the changes introduced during the recent versions. The latest and greatest version of the tool as of this writing is version 3.6.4. If you would like to get the latest version, please feel free to contact me at venkat at or Tony Delgross at If you have some suggestion on features that you would like to see in GBSCMD, please feel free to write to me as well.

Here are the changes introduced to GBSCMD since version 3.6.1

Version 3.6.1

This version introduced support for row filtering of SOAP Call results with --afilter option. The following example uses --afilter option to get the disk data from an agent and filters the results to include only C: drive information.

./gbscmd ct_get --auth itm62.auth --Object NT_Logical_Disk --target Primary:ITM62:NT --afilter Disk_Name;EQ;C:

You can also get the last 24 hour history data from the agent using --history switch to CT_Get. Some of the other changes include ability to see the results in XML format using --xml option (Thanks IV for making that change!).

Version 3.6.2

This version introduced new SOAP calls for starting and stopping situations at RTEMS level using --starttemssit and --stoptemssit options. If you are running backlevel of ITM and would like the ability to start and stop situations, you can use this feature. It also addressed some timeout issues while getting large SOAP data. (e.g. listing of all managed systems in the entire enterprise for a large ITM Setup).

Version 3.6.3

This version uses new SOAP call for listing situations running on individual agents.

Version 3.6.4

This version introduces column filtering of SOAP results with --attribute option. For example, if you want to get the disk data and only interested in Disk Name and Free Megabytes attributes, the following command line will get you the information.

./gbscmd ct_get --auth itm62.auth --Object NT_Logical_Disk --target Primary:ITM62:NT --attribute Disk_Name --attribute Free_Megabytes

This version also adds --version switch to identify the current GBSCMD version.

The complete documentation is available for download from the following link.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to mention them in the comments section.


Bazza said...

I tried several times before to get this script from you. But, my emails fell on deaf ears!!

I'll try again tomorrow.

Frank Tate said...

I apologize if we didn't sent it out to you before. In order to keep track of who's using it, we just need to know your name, company and email address so we can get it to you. You can send me an email at frank.tate+gbscmd at gulfsoft d0t com.

Unknown said...

How can i get a copy?. I tried last week sending a mail to tony.delgross.


Frank Tate said...

I sent you a copy a few days ago, Joaquin, and I just re-sent it to you. Possibly your email filter is stripping it from the email? I'll change its extension to .txt and resend.

Prem Raju said...

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the agent version with gbscmd?

-Prem Selvaraj

Anonymous said...


Even though there is no built-in switch to get this info, you can get this information by using executesql option as shown below.

perl gbscmd executesql --auth itm621.auth --sql "SELECT NODE,VERS

Hope this helps,