Thursday, January 14, 2010

Multiple Logfile Monitoring Agent - KG2

As promised, here is a link to download a logfile monitoring agent. It will work on Unix, Linux or Windows and can monitor up to 10 logfiles per instance of the agent. This is a very generic agent with no filtering. The agent will take up to the first 1024 characters and put them into one field. As always, I've run this in the lab it works great - your setup may vary. The watchdog is setup and the memory threshold is set at 100mb for all OS platforms.

Step 1 - Download and unzip. The entrie package is 26mb in size, it contains all of the supported platforms.

ZIP version

or the tar/gzip version

Step 2 - Run the installIraAgentTEMS.bat or .sh on your HUB TEMS and Remote TEMS.
Step 3 - Run the installIraAgentTEPS.bat or .sh on your TEP server (recycle the TEPS afterwards)
Step 4 - Populate your depot using tacmd addbundles -i /path... or just copy the zip file to the destination and run the installIraAgent.bat or .sh.
Step 5 - Configure it. Create an instance and add at least file name to the agent.
Step 6 - Once the agents appear in your portal server, you can create a situation that uses the "Scan for String within String" method to search for specific keywords.

Step 7 - Have fun.

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