Monday, January 18, 2010

How to get ITM agent data in CSV format using GBSCMD

Here is a commonly asked question from our customers. How do I get the real time agent data exported to excel format (CSV) from command line for further analysis? Even though this can be done from Portal using a combination of logical workspaces and table view, it is real simple  with gbscmd tool.
With GBSCMD, you just invoke ct_get subcommand providing agent name and attribute group you're interested in.  For example, if you want to get the list of current disk usage information from a Windows OS agent, you can use the following command.
./gbscmd ct_get --auth itm62.auth --Object NT_Logical_Disk --target Primary:ITM62:NT  >> disk_usage.csv
If you would like to get this information on set of windows agents, you can easily loop thru them one after another like the example below.
for agent in `cat myagents.list`
 ./gbscmd ct_get --auth itm62.auth --Object NT_Logical_Disk --target $agent  >> disk_usage.csv
Hope you find this tip useful.


Blue Medora Staff said...

Great stuff as usual Gulf Breeze. Your contributions to the ITM community are greatly valued.

Venkat said...

Thank you very much for your appreciation!


Unknown said...

Do we have a solution to get a csv file of what all is currently being monitored for a particular server.
It's like generating a monitoring configuration report for a server.


Unknown said...

Is there a way to generate a csv file for current attributes which are being monitored for a particular server.
Something like generating a monitoring configuration report for a server.

Venkat said...


There are couple of ways to acheive this. You can use "gbscmd showsit --managedsystem --auth " syntax to list the situations running on a particular managed system.

There is a "tacmd listsit -m " as well.

Hope this helps,