Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Updated Tivoli Patch Listing Script

A little while back I posted a perl script ( to list updated patches on It appears that only some patches are getting updated there and all patches are now being handled on a new service called Fix Central.

I have now updated the script to look at the Fix Central site to provide this same function.The file can be downloaded from


Thilo Mohri said...

Why do you don't just use the RSS feeds from IBM announcing new and upcoming patches?

Martin Carnegie said...

I guess for one thing I did not see the RSS feed :) Do you have the link for it as I did not see it on the Fix Central site.

Also, I like the way that this works to send me an email of everything that has been updated. I can easily customize the script to filter out products that I am not interested in.

Whichever way you choose :)

Thilo Mohri said...

General Feeds:

Click the "View All"

狼太灰 said...

After invoked this script on ubuntu 12.04,it failed:
young@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ perl -i

Print Updates to updates_fc.html.
Can't call method "Open" without a package or object reference at line 458.

Anonymous said...

The error message is on line 458 which is:

$lSender->Open({ from => $gSenderAddr,

Given that, I would have to say it is because you are missing the mail module. Check on the following line in your script:

use Mail::Sender;

It is possible that you do not have this module in PERL and may have to load it.

Just to note, it has been a while since I looked at this code, but I still have it running and it is generating emails with list of fixes. The only problem is that the formats seem to be changing a bit and not everything seems to be visible on Fix Central.