Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Great Application Dependency Discovery and Mapping Tool

I recently ran across and am blown away by the price and capabilities of their offerings. One of the most difficult challenges in IT is to get application dependency maps in your infrastructure. The biggest hurdle is access to the different systems. Device42 helps ease this problem by providing standalone discovery executables that can be given to system administrators to run themselves. This means that credentials don't NEED to be stored centrally (this is the root of the access problem). Each administrator can simply upload the results of the discovery process.

The tool also lets you drag-and-drop servers into rack configurations, so you can get a real-world visualization of your datacenter.

All of the above is standard in the software from the leaders in this space (BMC ADDM, ServiceNow Discovery, IBM TADDM), but Device42's price just blows the others away. Their pricing page is here: . If you've done any research in the space, you know that the pricing gives you a terrific amount of value.

* Gulfsoft has no relationship with Device42. This opinion is being provided simply because we're so amazed by this application.

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