Monday, May 21, 2012

Some notes on installing TBSM 6.1 FP 1

1. One of the prerequisites for TBSM 6.1 FP1 is TIP version, which you must install silently with the command: -i silent -j $JAVA_HOME -f responsefile.txt

JAVA_HOME must NOT be set to your TIP Java directory (/opt/IBM/tivoli/tipv2/java) or anything similar. If it is, the installer will fail because it will see your install process running. So you need to point it to a DIFFERENT Java 1.6 location.

2. The FIT (Fixpack Intelligence Tool) component must be extracted into the $TIP_HOME/profiles/TIPProfile/etc directory. This means that you will have a directory named $TIP_HOME/profiles/TIPProfile/etc/fit when you're done copying.

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