Friday, February 10, 2023

The Fluent Bit rewrite_tag filter doesn't fully work until version 1.8.12

 I'm working with a client who has a packaged Kubernetes distribution installed that includes Fluent Bit 1.8.3. I tried the config from my last blog post on their system, and it just does NOT work as expected. In their system, it creates a new message with the new tag, but then none of the subsequent filters are applied. I had been working in the latest version (2.0.9), and everything worked like a champ. So I downloaded 1.8.3 and found that the same configuration didn't work. It seemed to partially call the rewrite_tag filter (if I set KEEP to false, it would delete the message, but if I set KEEP to true, it did nothing). The test configuration they suggest, using an input of type Dummy actually works exactly as expected. But the problem seems to be when you have an Input of type tail. And there is no workaround other than upgrading to a newer version. I actually downloaded and tested 1.8.4 through 1.8.12 before it worked correctly. So my client is now working on upgrading to a newer version.

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