Thursday, February 27, 2020

JRExecAction() function behavior in Netcool Impact

Just a short post today to set the record straight on the use of the JRExecAction() function in Netcool Impact policies.

The product documentation states that the JRExecAction() function returns nothing, but sets the variables ExecError and ExecOutput corresponding to stderr and stdout from the script/command that you run. However, the function itself returns the data written to stdout in addition to setting ExecOutput and/or ExecError. So if you try the following, you'll see that the same output is logged twice:

results = JRExecAction("/bin/ls", "/", false, 1000);
log(0,"Frank results = " + results);
log(0,"ExecOutput results = " + ExecOutput); 

Incidentally, the first use above is really the more common use in practice. You will find very few implementations where the ExecOutput variable is referenced.

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