Monday, January 13, 2020

Using jQuery in Cognos 10.x and DASH

For most of what you need, IBM has a great article on how to incorporate jQuery into your Cognos reports here:

However, there are some painful issues which vary based on whether you access reports through DASH/JazzSM or go directly to Cognos Reporting. Specifically, it appears that DASH adds some additional capabilities to the environment, possibly through the use of Dojo. Or it's possible that these capabilities are stripped off when logging directly into Cognos. Whatever the case, here are the caveats:

DASH/JazzSM adds some additional container elements to the HTML report such that you cannot use the browser "Print" function to print a multi-page report. All you get is the first page of the report, and this happens on all browsers. To get around this, I opened a new window and set the contents to be only the container enclosing the report. Then THAT window can be printed via the browser.

Logging directly into Cognos "removes" several methods that should exist in IE 11. For example, it undefines the Object.keys() method. So if any JavaScript you're using references that method, you'll need to use a workaround like this one:

Additionally when logging directly into Cognos, the HTMLCanvasElement.getContext() method is not defined. Personally, I got around this by commenting out any references to that method and it worked in my case. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any "good" solution to this problem, so this is all I've got.

Happy coding!

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