Thursday, January 10, 2019

Install IBM's QRadar Community Edition 7.3.1 on CentOS 7.5 instead of RHEL 7.5

IBM offers a QRadar Community Edition for free available here:

The documentation states that it runs on "CentOS or Red Hat 7.5 with a Minimal install". If you're installing the OS from scratch, I would recommend that you use CentOS 7.5 (officially CentOS 7 1804) because it works much better than Red Hat. Specifically, I downloaded CentOS 7.5 from here:

There are smaller downloads in that same directory, but I wanted to get everything I might need. I then installed it with 16GB RAM and 8 cores and selected the "Minimal Install" option (this is the default option). I did this install under VMWare Workstation 14 Pro running on a Windows 10 laptop.

I could then directly follow the install instructions from IBM:

What doesn't work very well or at all:

(Guess how I know these)

The QRadar install will 100% fail if you try to install it on CentOS 7.6 (1810). The prerequisite checker will tell you that 7.5 is REQUIRED.

Trying to install on CentOS 7.5 using the "Server with GUI" option fails on glusterfs* package problems.

Installing on RHEL 7.5 requires that you configure your RHEL instance to be registered with the Red Hat Subscription Manager

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