Thursday, June 18, 2015

A great document from IBM on integrating SCCD processes with traditional Maximo asset management functions

IBM Control Desk (previously named SCCD - SmartCloud Control Desk) is Maximo, but because it provides several additional customizations to Maximo, many traditional Maximo developers are intimidated by it. But that shouldn't be the case. Like other Maximo additions (Maximo for Oil and Gas, etc.), ICD is mainly a collection of additional pages (officially named "applications") that access the same Maximo database that you know and love. It does deal with some different objects (tables) in the database, but it's all the exact same architecture. And while it does add new workflows and a few other things, these are all really just "normal" Maximo customizations. It just happens to be that ICD contains quite a few of these customizations, and that's why IBM packages it as its own product.

Have a look at this paper for more information on the use of automated vs manual processes when dealing with ICD and asset management:

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