Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Exporting and Importing TEPS WorkSpaces

Exporting and Importing TEPS WorkSpaces

I have never had great success with exporting and importing workspaces that I have custom built.  I spent some time last night to work through a process that appears to work well.

The key item I have found it is to import the workspace without the queries in place.  This requires you to import any custom queries in advance though.  This allows the IBM provided queries you used to not be touched.

#Admin and Author mode setup for my user on both TEPS servers

#Export WorkSpace with the queries
tacmd exportWorkspaces -x GBS_LZ_HealthCheck_RealTime.queries -w GBS_LZ_HealthCheck_RealTime -t lz -q

#Export WorkSpace with NO queries
tacmd exportWorkspaces -x GBS_LZ_HealthCheck_RealTime -w GBS_LZ_HealthCheck_RealTime -t lz

#Determine Custom Queries
cat GBS_LZ_HealthCheck_RealTime.queries |grep "query name"
    <query name="G_LZ_DiskUsedPercent" type="candle.fw.model.PBasedModel">
    <query name="System Statistics" name_key="Klz:KLZ6828" type="candle.fw.model.PBasedModel">
    <query name="CPU" name_key="Klz:KLZ6802" type="candle.fw.model.PBasedModel">
    <query name="VM Statistics (623)" name_key="Klz:KLZ6844" type="candle.fw.model.PBasedModel">
    <query name="G_LZ_ProcessTop10" type="candle.fw.model.PBasedModel">

#NOTE:  All of the queries I built start with G_ (so they are easy to find)

#Export the Cusom Queries:
tacmd exportqueries -x G_LZ_DiskUsedPercent -q G_LZ_DiskUsedPercent -t lz
tacmd exportqueries -x G_LZ_ProcessTop10 -q G_LZ_ProcessTop10 -t lz

#Transfer Files to the other TEPS
scp * <user>@<host>:/tmp/workspace

#Import the Queries
tacmd importQueries -x ./G_LZ_DiskUsedPercent
tacmd importQueries -x ./G_LZ_ProcessTop10

#Import the WorkSpace without the Queries
tacmd importWorkspaces -x ./GBS_LZ_HealthCheck_RealTime

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