Friday, March 16, 2012

Using Non-ITM data in TEPS - Updated

A while back, we posted a blog article on how to add custom datasources to TEPS.  The problem with that is the database credentials are stored in plain text format and TEPS now expects the credentials to be encrypted.  Here is an updated and Tivoli supported way to use Non-ITM data in TEPS using ODBC.  


You should have  aworking ODBC connection to the datasource.  Must be cataloged as a system datasource in Windows. 

Steps to add custom datasource
  1. Open Command prompt and run "tacmd login" to logon to TEMS.
  2. Run the following command to add custom datasource with password. The command will encrypt the password and store it in kfwcma.ini under CNPS directory. 
    "tacmd configureportalserver -d <CANDLEHOME> -s DSUSER1 -p DSN=<ODBC-DSN> UID=<user> PWD=<password>".
  3. Verify the datasource entry by running the following command.
    "tacmd configureportalserver -s DSUSER1 -v"
  4. Recycle the portal server.

An Example

In this case, I created a custom data source to point to Omnibus REPORTER database and created a custom query to pull all the REPORTER_STATUS table entries.  After creating necessary views to use the Custom Query, the data can be seen in TEPS.  Please see the attached screenshot.

1 comment:

Scott said...

I tried this new method and still it's not showing up. I can see it added it ok and to the Windows registry. The Manager is v6.2.2 on Windows 2008R2. I tried clearing my local Java cache as well as using the Web client instead.

I am hoping to be able to reboot the server soon.