Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GBSCMD Performance Improvement Tip

GBSCMD is a Gulf Breeze developed utility for performing ITM operations from command line using SOAP.  If you are running GBSCMD, you will probably notice performance degrade when the amount of SOAP response is huge.   For example, if you are fetching list of all managed systems or all situations in an environment with thousands of systems/situations, gbscmd might take quite sometime to get this information.  
This performance degrade is due to the built-in XML parser used by XML::Simple module. To overcome this issue, you can simply set an environment variable to use a different/more-efficient parser and that will do the trick.
For example, run  "export XML_SIMPLE_PREFERRED_PARSER=XML::Parser" in your environment before running gbscmd and you will notice much better response times even for large datasets. 
Hope this helps.

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