Thursday, March 17, 2011

A great tutorial on ITCAMfT integration with TBSM

TBSM is able to read Discovery Library Adapter (DLA) books from a number of products, including ITM, TADDM, and ITCAM for Transactions (there are others, but I don't know of a comprehensive list). Sometimes the specifics about the integration are dependent upon what other products you have installed, but that is a larger discussion also. This piece from IBM contains extremely useful information on how you can filter the data in the ITCAM for Transactions DLA so that it can be processed more quickly by TBSM and increase the quality of the data in TBSM (by eliminating services that are not important):

The information is great, but you definitely have to do some work before you can just follow along. In the example, they exclude all of the .gif, .css and .jpg components. In many shops, this would work great. However, I've been in some companies that have had problems specifically with .css files being moved/renamed/locked/etc., and those companies would definitely not want to exclude those entities. So before you can just dive in, you need to analyze your business needs and the current state of your components. This could be done in a DEV/QA environment, or possibly in a temporary portion of your TBSM implementation.

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