Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Configuring the TBSM 4.2.1 Discovery Library Toolkit to work with TADDM 7.1.1 and later

EDIT: Corrected the information after re-testing on a clean machine.

On a Windows TBSM server (I haven't tested this on other platforms), you need to copy the taddm-api-client.jar AND platform-api.jar files from the TADDM SDK into TWO different directories on the TBSM data server to get the Discovery Library Toolkit to work. Specifically, you need to copy taddm-api-client.jar to:


and copy platform-model.jar to:


I found that if you only copy the first file, the toolkit won't work at all, and won't generate any errors or messages of any use.


Robert said...

Nice to see someone else wrestling with this :)

Two comments, from my experience:
1. What makes a difference is the TADDM version, not the TBSM version.

2. The various jar files needed change from version to version, you need to check the release notes carefully.

A good summary is here:

Search for the string "taddm-api-client.jar" in your browser.


Frank Tate said...

That's a terrific article. Definitely thanks for the link.

The info in it about the jar files is still a little wrong (I'm going to try to update it on the wiki). That article states that both jar files need to be placed in the clientlib directory, but that's not the case (that will still get you the silent failure). platform-api.jar needs to be copied to the lib directory to get it to work.