Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to find the GUID of an object in the TADDM GUI

The TADDM GUI only shows you a subset of the information that's stored in the database. The rest of the information can be found by accessing the database directly or using the command line ($COLLATION_HOME/dist/sdk/bin/ If you use the command line, the easiest way to get information about an object is if you have its GUID, with: find [--depth num] --guid THE_GUID

but you need to get the GUID first. It's actually easy - just drag and drop an icon from the GUI into Notepad, and what you'll see will be similar to:


The part in bold is the GUID. Easy as that.

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Sara said...

You can also do this within the product by dragging and dropping to the "Information" pane in the top right hand (right above the buttons that say "run discovery", etc.)

It's a big timesaver, isn't it?