Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IBM JRE or Sun JRE does it matter?

If you are using TEPS Java Webstart client, does it matter which JRE TEPS uses? You should be able to bring up the portal using either one, but in my experience IBM JRE works better for TEPS. With Sun JRE version, you may encounter issues with popups. While the situation editor and other tools worked correctly, I had problem with deploying non-OS agents from portal. The popup prompting for agent selection didn't appear at all. I encountered similar issue with the Database agent configuration window. Switching to IBM JRE resolved the issue.

So, how do you switch to IBM JRE? Assuming you're using Windows XP, goto Control Panel->Java->Java Tab->Java Application Runtime Settings -> View. In the list of JREs, disable the Sun JREs and enable only IBM JRE. Can't find IBM JRE? You can add the IBM JRE, by clicking either Find or Add button.

Hope you find it useful.

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Jamie said...

It might be worth noting that you can install the IBM Java by hitting a particular URL on your TEPS server. The URL similar to this: