Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sample Emailing Script

Here is a simple custom emailing script using Perl. You need to install Mail::Sendmail module from CPAN to get it to work. You also need to change the values of $mailhost and $from field values.

Here is a typical usage of this program.

/itm_email.pl somebody@gulfsoft.com "Sample Subject" "Sample message body"


# Send emails via this platform independent module
use Mail::Sendmail;


sub main {
my ($to, $subject, $message) = @ARGV;
send_email($to, $subject, $message);

# Sends email using Mail::Sendmail module
sub send_email {
my ($to, $subject, $message) = @_;
my ($mailhost, $from, %mail, @to);

$mailhost = "smtp.mydomain.com";
$from = "itm_alerts\@mydomain.com";

%mail = (
Smtp => $mailhost,
From => $from,
To => $to,
Subject => $subject,
Message => $message,

Hope you find it useful.

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