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Monday, April 9, 2012

Overview of TEPS/e Administration

Recently there was a question in the mailing list asking if there is an eWAS server supplied with Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server. The answer to the question is Yes and this article addresses the purpose of the eWAS server in TEPS.

The ITM component that utilizes the embedded eWAS server is called TEPS/e Administration console.  The console comes disabled by default and it can be enabled from Manage Tivoli Monitoring Services.

Why would you need the TEPS/e Administration console?   The console is mainly used for LDAP integration when Portal Server Authentication is used.  When you configure TEPS and provide LDAP information (such as LDAP Bind information, hostname, LDAP search string, etc),  the eWAS server stores the information and acts as the AD integration point for ITM.   If you want to view the configuration information or configure for LDAP servers other than Microsoft Active Directory & IBM Directory Server, you will need to use the TEPS/e Administration Server.

By default, the eWAS server is listening on port 15205.  You can access the TEPS/e Administration console by using the following link.


The userid for the Admin Console is wasadmin and the password can be set from Manage Tivoli Monitoring Services under TEPS/e Administration. Hope this helps.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adding a custom Java portlet to the TIP for use with WebTop, WebGUI, TBSM, etc.


This article has been removed because it worked for very specific versions of products, but not for the latest versions, and customers were calling Tivoli support to open PMRs when it didn't work. If you're trying to add a portlet, this is CUSTOM work, for which you should not open a PMR.

So I'll revisit this issue when I have time to test with the latest and greatest versions. Until then, if you would like the article, you can send me an email at frank dawt tate aat gulfsoft dot com.